Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Troubled Odyssey by Patricio P. Diaz

From the back cover:

“‘Odyssey,’ the word is adopted from Odyssey, the Greek epic of Homer. Odyssey is a myth, Troubled Odyssey is history. Like Odyseuss’ wanderings to find his way back to his kingdom, the Moros’ quest for their ancestral domain — the core of the Mindanao Bangsamoro Problem — has been beset by a host of troubles. Odyseuss’ troubles were mythical interventions; those of the Moros are historical iniquities and ironies.
‘Odyssey’ means epical or long voyage. Epical, indeed, is the search for a political solution to the Moro problem within the Bangsamoro right to self-determination.”
     Patricio P. Diaz
(From the Preview)

MINDANAO Into the 21st Century: A Photographic Journey by MindaNews

From the back cover:

The photographs in this book offer a ringside view off Mindanao through the lens of MindaNews photographers. We share our awe at finding majestic waterfalls in areas where Mindanao still has lush forests. Grieve with us at the sight of her once stately mountains now ravaged by mining. Stand with us as we accompany Mindanawons not only in fleeing the war or burying the dead, but also in celebrating a Lumad wedding and triumphantly conquering the surging waves. This is OUR Mindanao.